How to arrange stones during creation the rock aria

How to arrange stones during creation the rock aria

Rock arias – stony garden which is simple for arranging on the site. He not only will act as landscape highlight, but also will emphasize identity of owners. In various compositions it is possible to connect beauty of plants and stone in the most fancy ways.

For creation of composition from plants it is possible to use also beautifully blossoming annual plants, and evergreen coniferous. Distinguish the English, European and Japanese styles in the device of stony garden. The difference between styles is based on ratio of quantity of the planted plants and stones.

The more correctly the place for construction of the stony hill is picked up, the more effectively it will look. Not each heap of stones can be called rokariy. Successful option the non-uniform land relief with differences, hills is considered – it is so possible to implement different interesting ideas and to create decorative compositions. From small hillock the system of ledges of the mountain valley or beautiful cascade can turn out.

What should be considered, selecting the place under rock arias on the seasonal dacha

Perfectly the rock aria solar sites are suitable for construction – so opportunities for use of photophilous plants in composition significantly extend.

The composition has to as it is possible to fit more organically into relief, uniting with other elements of the site in uniform picture.

If the good place is found, but all background is spoiled by outbuildings or protection, it is possible to decorate them with bushes or climbers.

Closely to residential building it is undesirable to place rock arias.

Scheduling of future composition will help to facilitate the embodiment of the idea. For this purpose on the chosen site by means of cord the site sizes for future flower bed are designated. It is necessary to remove turf layer from all its surface approximately on 20 cm, as much as possible to remove roots of weeds. On bottom to lay geotektil – it will slow down growth of weeds.

That in flower bed water did not accumulate, it is required to arrange drainage system. On bottom of ditch the layer of drainage material, after that – layer of coarse-grained sand is filled. Everything takes cover layer of earth. It is extremely undesirable to use construction debris to the device of drainage – to the planted plants it can appear not to taste.

In the basis of composition it is necessary to stack the largest stones with attractive surface. Calculating effective arrangement of each stone, it is necessary to choose the most impressive of the parties of everyone and to have it so that it looked in the best way.

Stones should be placed in the holes corresponding to their sizes. It is good when under the basis of boulder the layer from the soil and small crushed stone which is stamped to exclude emergence of air pockets is poured. It is possible even to climb on stones and to try to shake them to check, each separate boulder "has how well taken seat".

When laying stones it is necessary to try to make it with bigger naturalness: to establish big boulders by the mansion, and to group stones, small by the size, in original compositions. For each of stones the place should be defined in advance.

That the composition has turned out in uniform style, stones should be chosen the different sizes, but one look. Small it is possible to fasten among themselves, using solution or special glue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team