How to attach chandelier to ceiling

How to attach chandelier to ceiling

If you have decided to attach independently chandelier to ceiling, you will need some tools which for certain will be at your place. But the most important in this case is to be careful. If to work without haste and to perform one after another all necessary operations, everything will turn out.

  • Hook on ceiling, chandelier, availability of electric wiring

1. First of all prepare tools which will be necessary in work: several screw-drivers (including indicator), combination pliers, insulating tape, nippers.

2. At first check availability in ceiling of special hook for chandelier and surely test it for durability, having properly pulled it. The chandelier can fasten also on special level. In this case it is necessary to establish bolts for fastening in advance and to fix them by nuts, and already then to attach level to ceiling.

3. Further, if the chandelier is in disassembled state, collect it, accurately following the enclosed instruction. After that it is important not to forget to switch off tension. In the counter there is time cut-out.

4. Having made sure by means of the indicator screw-driver of lack of line voltage, get to work. There is uniform system of designation of wires: wires of black (brown) color – phase, blue – zero, yellow (green) color – protective grounding.

5. On ceiling find three wires, one of which – zero, two others – phase. Phase wires bring to the switch, and zero – in assembly box. These three wires need to be parted to avoid short circuit.

6. The bared wire tip in length has to be about three-four millimeters. Wires in chandelier have to be marked. Connect the lamp to electrical wiring by means of terminal box.

7. Further the chandelier needs to be suspended with care on hook and to connect zero and phases from ceiling to chandelier respectively (zero to zero, phase to phase). It is necessary to do it when in wires there is no tension.

8. Check will be the last stage. Make sure that at inclusion in network the chandelier works normally. After that for successful completion of work just screw up protective cap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team