How to bring out of the apartment of midges

How to bring out of the apartment of midges

Emergence in the apartment of midges is very unpleasant event. At first it is possible to notice small amount of the curling insects, but if not to take any measures, then them will be more and more.

It is required to you

  • - any insecticide in aerosol package
  • - any means from midges in flowers
  • - gloves
  • - respirator
  • - points


1. Midges can appear in kitchen and curl over storing places of vegetables or fruit and also over flowerpots. Appearance of insects demonstrates that rotting somewhere has begun, and the dampness was formed. Therefore for fight against them it is necessary to eliminate these factors.

2. Touch all tanks in which vegetables and fruit are stored. Throw out all products which have begun to spoil. Carefully wash out the sortings which have remained later and dry. Process the tanks used for storage warm water with soap and dry.

3. After you have carried out sorting, process all room insecticide from the flying insects, it can be got in any household shop. Before processing remove from the apartment of pets, cage with birds, aquarium. Take individual measures of protection, such as respirator, gloves, glasses.

4. In two hours after processing carefully air the room and carry out damp cleaning. These measures are 100% guarantee that midges will disappear. For the purpose of prevention you carry out sorting of products and all fruit and vegetables which have undergone damage in time, at once throw out and also in due time you take out garbage can and wash it thoroughly.

5. One more method for fight against midges is use of the fumigant injector. The measure is very effective, but if not to remove the cause, then midges will appear again and again.

6. If midges curl over flowerpots, then it means that you have filled in plants and roots have begun to begin to rot. The most effective method of elimination of this reason is change of flowers to the steam-seasoned soil. If there is a lot of flowers and this method does not suit you, then stop watering, dry the soil and bring in it any medicine from midges which can be bought in flower shop.

7. For prevention of emergence of midges over flowerpots observe the mode of moderate watering. After watering it is necessary to make airing of plants.

8. There are also folk remedies of fight against midges such as gathering of insects in the placed traps consisting of the container with water or with tea, but all these methods are inefficient and therefore do not deserve your attention.

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