How to build in the fridge kitchen

How to build in the fridge kitchen

The old fridge not always successfully fits into new design of kitchen – color or texture does not approach. Acquisition of the built-in refrigerator solves several problems of practical and esthetic property at once. It is necessary only to establish correctly it on kitchen.

It is required to you

  • - instruction for mounting and installation of the fridge from the producer;
  • - measuring tape measure.


1. Choose the fridge. Being guided by own ideas of beauty, do not forget about its actual sizes. The fridge has to pass at door apartments and kitchens at least. Measure all apertures in order to avoid neopryatnost in advance and compare the received digits to data on height and depth of product. Besides, the unit sizes directly affect its functionality and ergonomics.

2. Take an interest at consultants of shop about features of the full-built-in and opened methods of installation of the fridge. Pay attention that at full "integration" the fridge is behind furniture elements. Some models assume availability of the electronic panel which remains in direct access and assumes management of various functions of the unit without opening of doors. The open method allows to cope with the built-in refrigerator the same as with not the built-in device.

3. Having found out the necessary size of the fridge, examine the place of mounting. The compressor and the condenser of the modern fridge needs continuous ventilation. Otherwise after a while misuse the unit will simply cease to function.

4. Choose preferable way of fastening of doors. Specify if whether opportunity to move doors of the unit. Be defined how the furniture facade will be hung. If economy of the place is important, then the sliding doors which movement is carried out on guides will be great choice. After doors of facade also the fridge door lasts. Minus this way - dirt and residues of fat on guides, dust in hard-to-reach spots between doors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team