How to build the cheap country house

How to build the cheap country house

All want to have the house on the seasonal dacha. There is a wish that there was it big and beautiful. And still, that its construction was as it is possible cheaper. Build the house of adobe. Cheaper difficult to find material.


1. For the site for the dacha get lodge in the nearby village. It is the cheapest option. To it some road already conducts, there is power line, in the yard the well so you are already provided with light and water is dug. The acquired lodge is useful to you as temporary haven in the beginning – for the shelter from bad weather, warehousing of the tool. So, the first expenses are made, start construction of the country house.

2. Begin with base marking. If the plottage allows, it is desirable to build the house in one level, is closer to the earth. It is better to make the base tape of the concrete reinforced by the metal gauze. For its production dig trenches on the marking made in advance. Use the black earth for beds, and collect clay and store in one place. To save something on cement, crushed stone and sand it will hardly turn out. It is only possible to win on payment of labor. To flood the base, it is possible to call friends and relatives. Hard work, but not demanding special qualification. After concrete stiffens, make waterproofing. Now level the base laying from red brick - make socle. Then put one more layer of waterproofing.

3. There comes the moment in construction when it is possible to tell with confidence that is cheaper than walls which you will construct, it is impossible to find. Start mounting of timber frame construction. On perimeter of the base lay chord. On plumb establish wooden bars with a section of 50х75 mm. Distance between bars on wall thickness make 30-40 cm. Distance between couple of bars - 70-80 cm.

4. Lay the clay extracted when digging trench under the base in capacity, crush and fill in with water. After a while in this clay milk lower straw and let's it become impregnated with this solution. After impregnation lay straw on grid or grid. Let's flow down to surplus of moisture.

5. Now, the straw impregnated with clay solution, place in the timbering fixed on vertical bars of framework. Condense weight with punner, let's it dry up. When the wall grabs", remove timbering and move it to the following place. And so until height of all walls does not reach the desirable size.

6. On it big savings in construction come to an end. Further do normal garret overlapping, install rafter system. On it you fix furring and stack roof. Internal and external boiler of heating and thermal radiators. Your country house is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team