How to build the house of slag stone

How to build the house of slag stone

Slag stones are the cheapest and available construction material which is not conceding on durability to brick if at production the producer observed all technological processes. At the same time construction has the specific features as, despite all durability of slag stones, they do not transfer dampness, even short-term soaking at all.

It is required to you

  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - crushed stone;
  • - gravel;
  • - concrete mixer;
  • - armature;
  • - ready framework for the base or tes for installation of framework;
  • - slag stones;
  • - softener;
  • - construction material for roof;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - paroizolyatsionny material;
  • - mineral wool.


1. For construction of the building from slag stones build the strong and high base. Durability is necessary in order that there were no cracks. If the base gives even small cracks, it can lead to deep damages of wall. Height of the base has to be not less than 70 cm over soil level completely to prevent soaking of slag stones.

2. Dig out trench, pour out sand-gravel pillow on 50 cm. Establish timbering, in it build in prefabricated reinforcement cage. Flood the base with independently made concrete, stirring mix in the concrete mixer in proportion 1 part of portland cement of brand 400 or 500, 3 parts of bank sand and 3 parts of sharp-edged small shredded crushed stone. Or buy concrete mix ready in mixers.

3. Full hardening of the base happens within 28-30 days, but in 1 week it is already possible to stack socle. If at brick normal construction or gas-blocks of height of socle there are enough three rows, then for installation of the building from slag stones height has to be increased by 2-3 rows.

4. Isolate bottom of socle from the base. After installation of socle put thick layer of waterproofing again.

5. Do direct laying of walls in 30 days after completion of works on filling of the base.

6. Stack slag stones on cement slurry with softener addition - it is the special additive increasing several times plasticity of solution. Its use allows to keep long time solution in plastic state after mixing and considerably saves time at laying. Batches can be made by two-three times less than when using solution without additives. The doses necessary for addition in solution can be different, it depends on the producer. Before application attentively study the instruction.

7. Roof you can build any, according to the architect project. After installation of walls it is necessary to start its construction in the same year to manage to complete the construction till autumn rainy season. The dampness will perniciously affect quality of slag stone.

8. After construction of roof make external vapor barrier at once and fit the house mineral wool. If you are going to carry out plaster, do it at once. Not warmed walls can become wet that will negatively affect quality of slag stones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team