How to calculate base cubic capacity

How to calculate base cubic capacity

At construction of the house it is important to create the strong and reliable base. For ensuring these characteristics it is necessary to adhere strictly to project requirements in which the base sizes, quality class, form construction and rated amount of concrete in cubic meters are specified. However after the actual mounting of timbering, changes and deviations from the sizes specified in the project are possible and it should be considered when calculating volume of concrete for the order.

Calculation of necessary volume of the base for the order of concrete is carried out with use of simple formula, known from school course of geometry for parallelepiped: Volume = Width * Height * Dlinaili

Volume = the Area * Height In case base width in upper part differs from basis width, is used the following formula for trapeze: Volume = (Shirina1+ Shirina2)/2 * Height * Length

The sizes for calculation of cubic capacity of the base should be taken actual on the mounted timbering. Besides availability of stiffening fins if they are described in the project, and other elements which can influence change of the volume which is filled in by concrete is considered.

Calculation of continuous footing

There are several moments which are important for considering in calculations. Continuous footing not always has the rectangle form, there can be various ledges or dredging, except the main perimeter often there are branches of the base for internal walls and crossing points. Some parts of the base can differ on width for additional strengthening. It is necessary to separate conditionally the base into groups with identical width between internal walls of timbering. Volume is calculated as the sum of volumes of each of groups.

For determination of length of the base not the external or internal dimension, and base perimeter length on bisecting line between timbering walls is used. It will allow to avoid excess calculations of volume in the presence of turns of tape of the base. The same concerns also the base under internal walls.

Calculation of the plate base

This type of the base is formed in the form of integral reinforced concrete slab under all building. Calculation in this case is extremely simple and is carried out according to formula: Volume = the Area of the base * Height fundamentaotdelno pays off cubic capacity of stiffening fins if they are necessary, and is summarized with the main volume.

If forming of technology emptiness or openings is provided in structure of the base, then their total volume is subtracted from total amount.

Calculation of cubic capacity of piles

The volume of one pile is calculated by formula: Volume = Area of the basis * Height

For the order best of all to increase the received cubic capacity by 15%, on case if there are delays in filling or flaws in timbering will be shown.

At the same time in case of wider basis the volume for the basis and for upper part is calculated separately, and after they are summarized. The counted result for one pile is multiplied by quantity of all piles in the base.

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