How to calculate rent

How to calculate rent

Sooner or later, but what pays for utilities of the apartment, concerns each person question ""as it is possible most to calculate rent and from what it is formed?"". It appears, for payment include not all important points of housing and communal services in the receipt.

  • Knowledge of metric area of the apartment and also quantity of the benefits provided to you by housing and public utilities.

1. Payment for utilities and expenses about it on all residents of the house depend on the metric area of the apartment of everyone. Also here consider availability of the elevator, intra access and house lighting of the street. I can take the territory adjacent to entrance which it is observed, i.e. safety of glasses in entrance windows into account, it is in certain cases considered even front gardens. Indicators of gas, water and electric meters which multiply by the number of the registered inhabitants in the apartment also enter payment. But if in the house the association has been created, then they discuss terms of payment among themselves.

2. Also payment can include services which do not move to the account of measuring tools. That is the standard tariff for service is multiplied by number of people living in this apartment. All expenses on replacement of the lamps which have become useless, glasses and window frames in the stairwell and also the heating services in the stairwell already is part of rent.

3. To change the course of payment for utilities, inhabitants of the house unite in the condominium (C). Inhabitants of the house with condominium can establish the amount of obligatory payments in month, of course, after the joint decision. They can establish the amount of payments on the following services: - cleaning of the house adjoining and intra house territory; - running or major repair of the house; - running repair of heating services, water - and power supply; - repair of network of gas supply; - operation of the elevator and also export of solid waste.

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