How to call the electrician

How to call the electrician

Small household breakages always cause disappointment on the one hand the insignificance, and with another - those inconveniences which are caused in everyday life. Fortunately, it is quite possible to cope with many economic troubles independently, without resorting to the help of the qualified masters. However in all that concerns electricity, it is better not to show the increased independence.


1. Of course, it does not mean that every time when at you is in the house has fusedof bulb, it is necessary to cause repair crew. But here the sparking socket, badly made electric wiring or just need to install new switches is already occasion to invite the qualified electrician.

2. Strangely enough, very often, having faced need to make some minor repair connected with electricity, people appear in confusion as do not know where to find the required expert. In fact, everything is not so difficult. It is possible to call the electrician on the house in various ways.

3. First, it is possible just to address to ZhEK in the place of residence and to leave the corresponding application. The worker to you, of course, will be sent, but here it can occur in several days. Besides the skill level of such experts quite often happens very average. So if you need not just to change the switch or to establish new doorbell, and something more serious, it will be probable the electrician from ZhEK not the best choice.

4. It is possible to address to the solid firm specializing in electrorepair works also. Advantage in this case will be the fact that the serious companies usually perform all works in rather short terms and give the guarantees allowing to call in case of any unforeseen situations the electrician repeatedly, but is already free. However it is necessary to consider that as well as in any business of service of firm stand significantly above, than the independent master. The appeal to the solid company will be the best option when you need serious repair. For example, full replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment or connection of the boiler.

5. Rather often qualified professional can be found according to the announcement in the newspaper or according to the recommendations of acquaintances. As a rule, such private masters successfully combine speed of work with rather reasonable prices. But at the same time it must be kept in mind that inviting absolutely the stranger, you can face the unfair worker and will be disappointed with quality of its work. Therefore not to be trapped, at any opportunity it is always better to get acquainted with responses of the previous clients previously.

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