How to choose bar for the house

How to choose bar for the house

Wooden houses have very many merits: they are beautiful, cozy, eco-friendly and warm. The bar enjoys wide popularity among construction wood, it has very inexpensive cost and also excellent characteristics on pozharostoykost and heatsaving. As it is correct to choose bar for construction of the house?


1. Actually there are three types of bar, and here what to choose from them, look according to characteristics. The bar of natural moisture is the most inexpensive, the most known and available. But it has some defects. Everything the point is that this building material initially has humidity of 40-80% therefore within one and a half years upon termination of construction there will be shrinkage of the house for 10%. It leads to origin of uncountable quantity of cracks. Subsequently it is necessary to caulk or sew up all appeared intervals with plywood or lining, to face bassoon or brick.

2. The planed pro-thinned-out bar has number of positive sides, it more convenient, than previous. The house from such bar is mounted much more simply. Faces of the pro-thinned-out bar are equipped with dredging which allows to put the house as if meccano where one part is ideal for the second. In this case there will be no slots therefore it should not be closed up, finished and caulked. It is enough to sand only walls and to cover them with antiseptics and also paint and varnish. Such house can give in final stage small shrinkage, no more than 5%.

3. The last type of wooden bar – glued. Construction from this material – the fastest as such house does not need shrinkage process. The glued bar is made from the wooden boards which are previously dried up, covered with antiseptics and fire-prevention substances. Thanks to it, the built house will shrink no more than 1%. Thanks to this excellent quality, it is possible to start finishing work at once after the end of construction. Thanks to glued bar, you will not face problems of distortions of door and window openings. It does not demand additional finishing, walls look naturally and beautifully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team