How to choose batteries

How to choose batteries

Electric heaters are one of the most widespread devices used for heating of inhabited and industrial rooms. Having decided to change batteries in the house or the apartment, many cannot decide on the choice, without knowing what type of radiators of heating should be preferred.


1. The heating radiators made of cast iron are the most widespread. They well hold heat, differ in resistance to corrosive formations and mechanical damages. However, despite all advantages of pig-iron radiators, recently many refuse their installation. The reason of it that such batteries differ in big weight and their independent installation is very difficult. As for exterior of pig-iron batteries, in recent years it has undergone significant changes. If earlier heating radiators from cast iron traditionally reminded "accordion", then today producers offer batteries which exterior in anything does not concede to modern radiators from aluminum and steel. If you have decided to buy batteries from cast iron, then at once decide on how you will mount them. It is the best of all if installation of pig-iron radiators is made by experts.

2. Aluminum radiators of heating have one indisputable advantage – at their installation it is possible to choose that quantity of sections which is necessary for you. Besides, such metal as aluminum differs in heat conductivity large-scale therefore batteries from it quickly enough heat up. Such radiators have small weight therefore are rather convenient in mounting. The main lack of aluminum batteries is that they quickly cool down.

3. On the exterior the bimetallic batteries very much remind aluminum, however the first have one essential difference - the steel cores located in each section. Cores allow to increase working pressure in system therefore bimetallic radiators are ideal for installation in multi-storey buildings. Bimetallic radiators make of two metals – aluminum and steel. Such compound of materials increases resistance of radiators to corrosion and, respectively, prolongs operation term. If you appreciate practicality and reliability, choose bimetallic radiators.

4. Steel radiators of heating are available at the price, are practical and have the high level of heat emission. These qualities promote popularity of such batteries at buyers. However they have one essential shortcoming – instability to dynamic damages, in particular, to hydroblows. If in your area of residence frequent interruptions in water supply and heating are observed, you should not risk and get steel radiators. In this case optimal variant – installation of pig-iron batteries.

5. The heating radiators offered by modern producers differ not only material of which they are made, but also design. Tube radiators, thanks to the esthetic look, will easily fit into any interior. In addition, such batteries have one more advantage – from them very easy to delete pollution. For this reason the tube radiators often establish in medical and child care facilities in which requirements to hygiene are especially high.

6. Section batteries differ in long life cycle. The cost of such radiators is significantly higher, than the price of tubular constructions. Panel radiators of heating differ in large-scale of reliability and durability. Also It should be noted their small lag effect.

7. If all of you have not decided on the choice yet, consult the expert occupied in the sphere of heating. The person who daily deals with different types of radiators will be able to tell you about them more, than the selling assistant in shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team