How to choose chimney fire chambers

How to choose chimney fire chambers

The choice of chimney fire chamber depends on preferences and desirable result of owners of the dwelling where the fireplace will be established. All chimney fire chambers are divided into opened and closed. First of all it is necessary to define for itself what you expect from future fireplace - beauty or functionality.


1. Walls of chimney fire chamber are made from the material capable to maintain quite high temperature without the slightest change of structure and melting. Walls of fire chamber can be from fire-resistant cement mix, the burned clay, the sheet of steel, cast iron and fire-resistant glass. Now pig-iron chimney fire chambers are the most demanded. Such fire chambers have number of merits: fine heat conductivity, light shipping of sharp temperature drops, resistance to corrosion.

2. Topki-inset are made for repair of already ready fireplaces. Creation of such fire chamber considerably simplifies transformation of outdated or idle fireplace to the economic and effective heating device. Topki-inset are equipped with the system of fast distribution of heat, pig-iron chambers of burning and also the system of protection of glass against soot. Mounting of chimney fire chamber-insert is carried out quite simply and quickly.

3. The chimney fire chamber can be opened and closed what will be chosen by you depends on desirable result. Open fire chambers establish for beauty and esthetic pleasure by live flame. The open fire chamber of fireplace reminds the stone deepening in wall opened from one or several parties. If you prefer stone or brick fireplace with open fire chamber, then it is necessary to create the capital basis capable to sustain heavy construction.

4. Independently placed centers also belong to open fire chambers. They represent the flat flat platform with the small eminence over the level of floor covering. On this site the flame absolutely barefaced from all directions gets divorced. From above, over house fire the dymosbornik and smoke-deflecting pipe is mounted.

5. The closed chimney fire chambers have set of good points: - the closed malogabaritna fire chambers; - mounting of the closed fire chambers considerably simple; - high potential for monitoring process of burning; - development of heat power with high rates; - quite often closed chimney fire chambers have the opening door from heat-resistant glass. It gives the chance to watch naked flame and at the same time protects premises from possible smoke or the fire.

6. It is possible to stop the choice on fire chamber guillotine. This type of fire chamber is widespread in many European countries and has the second name - fire chamber with the elevator. Glass in the guillotine is moved up and passes in through narrow hole of fireplace that allows to heat fireplace and to enjoy live flame. Creation of illusion of open fireplace allows to secure house space and to satisfy needs of esthetes.

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