How to choose curtains for the children's room

How to choose curtains for the children's room

At first sight it seems that to choose curtains for the children's room will not make also work, however not each model for this purpose will approach. Before you several nuances which should be considered upon purchase of this element of interior.


1. Choosing curtains for the children's room, first of all it is necessary to consider not only floor, but also age of the child. For small children it is the best of all to choose bright curtains with various drawings. If your child already studies at school, then allow it to choose design of this part of interior. Boys give preference to simple options, and girls like models with ruches, flounces, spangles and other elements supplementing beauty.

2. Curtains for the nursery, as well as for any other room, have to be combined on style and color with other elements of interior. It is the best of all to buy such which are several tones lighter or are on the contrary more dark than the main background. Many consider that for the room of the child it is necessary to use bright colors by all means. Actually it not absolutely right judgment. In the room children not only play, but also are engaged in doing homework, read. Brightness and diversity of the room quickly tire and do not allow to concentrate. Because of it it is the best of all to give preference to quiet flowers.

3. Most often for girls choose the curtains executed in style hi-tech or romantic. Is suitable for boys sea or style under the name of military. The room of the little fairy is always filled with splendor at the expense of draperies and lambrequins. Pickups for curtains in that case should be selected from lace or beads. In the children's room of the boy it is convenient to use rolled or Roman curtains.

4. Pay attention and to material of which curtains are made. It has to be not only quite strong, but also resistant to washing as this procedure should be done rather often. Give preference to those models which are sewed from natural and eco-friendly materials. On curtains with large number of draperies a lot of dust accumulates therefore they are not the best option for the children's room. For the same reason you should not choose this part of interior from fabrics with fibers.

5. When choosing curtains not only their style and color, but also safety is important. If your child still quite small, then exclude those models of curtains at which there are various hanging-down elements which he will be able to pull them. It will be quite good if curtains are sewed from the fabric which is not sustaining combustion.

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