How to choose grater

How to choose grater

Good hostesses know that to the most important components of well-planned kitchen the kitchen equipment is. Correctly picked up household appliances accelerate and facilitate cooking process. However among the last achievements of scientific and technical progress, such as electromeat grinder and blender, continues to live and work at modern kitchen normal grater.

1. When choosing grater pay the attention to its purpose. The fact is that being admirer of cold appetizers, the Koreancarrotsthe type you have to stop the choice on special grater. Such bagatelle on the working surface has several edges or metal plates on each of which holes of various sizes and types are executed that allows to achieve various crushing. If in your menu first place is won by the Italian food which is famous for various pasta dishes, flavored with large number of cheese, then for you there are products with medium-sized openings allowing to receive grated cheese of air and appetizing structure.

2. Remember that qualitative graters have to be made of food tin or stainless steel. By and large the functionality of both types has no fundamental differences. And here goods cost from stainless steel exceeds several times the tin price of products. At the same time the good tin grater will serve long if the producer has taken care and has covered its surface with tin. Such product will also compete with the girlfriend made from stainless steel. It is about sharpness of the cutting edges, longer life cycle, about simplicity in leaving and about gigiyenichnost. However if the manufacturer unfair has also saved on material, having covered grater surfaces with tin unevenly, then the product will gradually rust and will quickly become useless. And the grater from stainless steel of the Chinese production can bring you, having lost the cutting properties because of poor quality of material.

3. Choosing grater, consider that graters with the containers allowing to reduce sliding of product on table differ in big convenience. Besides this capacity will facilitate process of rubbing and assembly of the crushed product.

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