How to choose hammock for the seasonal dacha

How to choose hammock for the seasonal dacha

By psychologists it is noticed that having a rest in hammock on bosom of the nature, the person can not only forget about the problems, but also solve them. On such bed it is possible to sleep peacefully, without fearing snakes and insects. For this reason hammocks for giving became so popular. At their choice it should be taken into account all pluses and minuses.


1. Pay attention that hammocks differ by types. They are for adults and for children, fabric and wattled. There are framework and suspended structures, with only or with two points of support. By the size they can be designed both for one, and for several people.

2. Choose hammock with framework with that case if there is no convenient location between two trees standing nearby. It can be put and transported with ease. And the hanging chair sticks to everything on one point of support. In it it is convenient both to lie, and to sit. These two types of designs are usually made of tree or of metal.

3. The hammock tourist is the most widespread and convenient if there is place for its strengthening. It keeps on two support. The most comfortable and expensive of them are supplied with tents from rain, canopies and/or mosquito grids. The hammock for children usually differs in interesting design and the small sizes.

4. Choosing the device for rest, surely find out what weight is maintained by the device. It will be more reliable if this digit equals to the double weight of the person, and it is better – not less than 200 kg. Check of what material cross levels and plank bed are made.

5. If the bed of hammock is made of cotton, then it is subject to influence of mold, quickly burns out in the sun, but at the same time it is pleasant for body. In cotton hammock it is very convenient to lie as it easily takes the body forms. But it should be protected from moisture influence, otherwise it will quickly become useless. The plank bed can be weaved also out of synthetics. Synthetic hammocks are very strong and practical as they are not extended, do not burn out and do not grow mouldy, but can irritate the skin.

6. The hammock from burlap is very strong, but its material is felt as leather not so comfortably because of causticity and rigidity. Choosing hammock wattled, know that knots of pleteniye can cause to body inconvenience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team