How to choose the juice extractor

How to choose the juice extractor

Fresh juice — unique combination of magnificent taste and unconditional advantage for health. Juice is easily and quickly acquired by organism, giving set of the vitamins and minerals which are in the form, most favorable for assimilation. Juice strengthens immunity and helps cages to get rid of ballast substances, without having at the same time side effects, characteristic of drugs. And as both to taste, and on salutary influence tinned juice cannot be compared to freshly squeezed, it is necessary only to choose the juice extractor.

To orient in great variety of models, for a start be defined what juice is necessary to you. If you — the fan of glass of orange juice in the mornings, and to beet and carrot are absolutely indifferent, then to buy the universal unit there is no sense. Specialized juice extractors for citrus are more compact, easier, cheaper, more economic and simpler, so — it is more reliable. Tank capacity of such juice extractors — from glass to liter. And more it is also not necessary, on that it and fresh juice to drink its fresh, but not to store in the fridge. Pay attention to nose — whether it will be convenient to pour through it ready juice. At some models it is supplied with the complementary filter for pulp. Other kind of juice extractors for citrus can squeeze out juice directly in glass. It is convenient, the less juice is poured from capacity in capacity, the it will keep more useful substances. Besides there is no capacity — it is not necessary to wash it. If capacity is present, then it is good if on it the divisions helping to measure precisely the necessary volume are put.

It is convenient if the juice extractor is equipped with the reverse mode — it will help to extract juice from fruit to last straw. It is good if there is set of raznorazmerny nozzles, different types of citrus very much considerably differ by the sizes and to wring out equally qualitatively from them juice the same nozzle will not turn out.

And if you are not going to be limited to some citrus, so it is necessary to focus on universal juice extractors. These thought-over devices can squeeze out juice almost of anything. What specifically the device can squeeze out juice of and from what — better and not to try, it is usually specified in the instruction. The operation principle of centrifugal juice extractors is slightly more difficult, but too is very simple. The fruit is crushed by grater then juice separates from pulp the high-speed centrifuge. Juice gets to the tank, and pulp settles on the separator cylindrical or peg-shaped. Models with the cylindrical separator wring out juice exclusively qualitatively — cake remains almost dry. However there is also minus — cake as it is already noted, remains. In the separator. So to organize continuous process of extraction of advantage from gifts of the nature it will not turn out, after each couple of glasses it is necessary to open the juice extractor and to extract cake manually. If this process does not inspire you — take the conic separator. Here the unnecessary remains will fall in special container, but exit of juice will be much less — about a half of valuable product will remain among waste. Be careful, trying to choose the juice extractor in such parameters as power or rotational speed of the centrifuge. Yes, the they it is more — the you receive more juice. But producers know too that the buyer loves big digits, and sometimes specifies absolutely fantastic values. Finally pay attention to richness of complete set, and it is possible to go to cash desk, to pay the pleasant device.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team