How to choose the lock for doors

How to choose the lock for doors

The safe door lock – security guarantee. Even the strongest door without high-quality lock cannot provide inviolability of home. In the construction market there are many locking designs. How to choose the necessary lock and to live quietly? Get acquainted with main types of house watchmen which differ on reliability degree, and pick up what suits you.


1. Electronic lock. These are designs which have appeared in the market not so long ago. The high-quality electronic lock is very reliable. Perhaps, it is the most reliable device among locking designs. It does not require key – it opens by means of the remote controller or introduction of the code. The electronic lock works from current network. For safety such devices have own accumulator. The only lack of the electronic lock is its price - it is rather high.

2. The most safe mechanical lock – suvaldny. This design has the confidential part made of plates of various form. To open the similar lock, it is necessary to bring these plates into the necessary situation. The level lock well is suitable for metal doors.

3. The lock having the three-bayonet cylinder mechanism. This device consists of several sprung pins. The bigger quantity of pins means higher reliability. However the cylinder of such lock can be opened by means of drilling therefore choose designs with pins from the calcinated steel. The key to such lock has several teeths, and when opening the place between them are filled with pins.

4. The lock having the cylinder mechanism and pins in cylinder. These are watchmen who it is impossible to call very reliable. It is possible to see them at schools, policlinics, kindergartens. Than materials of which the device, that the safe lock is made such are more quality.

5. The cylinder lock having cross plates. Keys to such locks remind the cylinders which are cut off down. Locks of this kind are very unreliable, they can be opened easily any strong master key.

6. Rack lock. Does not maintain any criticism. It is possible to open it by means of knife. Keys to such device are plates with grooves. At introduction to the well the key presses crossbar - and the door is open.

7. Whatever lock you have chosen, surely pay attention to quality of materials. Check whether there corresponds the lock to state standards. For this purpose attentively study packing and the instruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team