How to choose the mechanical mixer for cocktails

How to choose the mechanical mixer for cocktails

Mechanical mixers or blenders have initially been constructed for hashing of cocktails – in their kitchen began to use a bit later. These compact functional devices are offered in the widest assortment today. It is better for them to choose from them for preparation of amazing drinks?

Types of blenders

The blender is household kitchen appliances by means of which crush and mix drinks, food, sauces and puree and also shake up mousses and crush ice. In fact, it represents hybrid of the mixer and food processor which in some variations successfully copes with functions of the coffee grinder, meat grinder and juice extractor. There are two types of mechanical mixers – stationary and submersible. The stationary blender – glass or plastic bowl with the rotating knives is suitable for mixing of cocktails better.

Preparation of cocktails is the main destination of stationary mixers which also cook fruit and vegetable purees, dough and sauces.

The submersible blender is intended for crushing of various products and is long plastic part with short blades which is lowered in capacity and included. Submersible mixers I go complete with bowl for beating, the grinder for meat, cheese and nuts and also nimbus for beating of eggs. They can be used for grinding or razminaniye of products in any capacity, and the uniformity of the crushed product will depend on duration of use of the submersible blender.

How to choose the mixer for cocktails

The mechanical stationary mixer possesses the rotary switch for start and switching off of the blender and also the speed changeover lever. At its choice it is necessary to be guided by the bowl volume, its cleaning and safety. The bowl has to be made of glass as plastic is often scratched, grows turbid and absorbs smells of products – however plastic bowl easier glass.

The glass bowl has no shortcomings plastic, but it can break enough and is very heavy.

The mechanical blender for cocktails has to have function of automatic cleaning or possibility of unmaking of jug and taking out of knives for washing. On it the mechanism of protection against small children has to be installed. Besides, the mixer for preparation of drinks can have not too big capacity. Advantages of the mechanical stationary blender are independent work, free hands, possibility of cooking of large portions and also convenience and safety in operation. From shortcomings of this device it is possible to mention its comparative bulkiness, smaller (in comparison with the submersible blender) functionality, small amount of functions and weak crushing of products.

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