How to choose the oil heater

How to choose the oil heater

Oil heaters gain the increasing popularity as additional source of heat. Besides, they are compact, fireproof and easy when carrying. Though the choice of heaters in shops of household appliances is huge now, the wide range not always means the easy choice. As to understand subtleties of the good heater?


1. One of the most important characteristics of oil heaters is power. Therefore for a start it is necessary to decide on the sizes of the room which is required to be warmed. If you have small room, then you will suit the device with power up to 1500 W. For the bigger area you need the heater with power from 2000 W. And for rooms over 25 square meters should be bought devices more than 2500 W. But you remember that the devices are more powerful, the more there will be electric power expense.

2. The quantity of sections of the heater is considered not less important characteristic. Here too it is necessary to consider the room sizes. Naturally, the more sections has radiator, the better it warms the room. At the same time consider that the radiator with smaller quantity of sections heats up quicker.

3. All modern heaters possess thermostats which heating of the device allows to adjust automatically. But nevertheless once again make sure of its availability when choosing the heater. Also the majority of models allows installation of heating temperature and in the manual mode.

4. Except the thermostat, in all heaters there is built-in fan heater. It allows to bring quickly in the cold room temperature to comfortable because warm air constantly circulates. But before purchase it is necessary to turn on the device and to check its noise level. Let's note that availability of fan heater leads to rise in price of cost of the heater.

5. In some models there is timer which gives the chance in advance to determine time of inclusion and switching off of the device. This function is very convenient for those who want that before their arrival of the house it was warm.

6. Also all heaters are supplied with wheels. Usually they are plastic, but on expensive models can be rubberized that allow them not to scratch floor at movement.

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