How to choose the perforator for personal use

How to choose the perforator for personal use

If you have conceived any construction or to make repair, then not to do you without special purpose tool in any way. So, any master knows that if you need to make openings in concrete wall or to proshtrobit the channel for wire, then you need such generalpurpose tool as the perforator.

There are easy perforators, they have the weight of 4 kg, no more, with their help it is possible to make opening in brickwork with a diameter of 30 mm. Such perforators are household, can use them everyone, for this purpose it is not necessary to have professional skills of the builder.

Perforators for professionals weigh about 11 kg, they are used by masters for creation of big openings with large diameter. Perforators for professionals have additional handles, it does them more convenient in application. Such perforators have much more the bigger size that allows to do them by more powerful.

When choosing the perforator, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to possible operating modes and diameter of openings which can be made by means of the perforator. It is possible to look at tool power also.

If the functionality of the perforator too high, then, most likely, it testifies to unsafeness of the tool. It is important to pay attention to where the engine is located. Its optimum arrangement – vertical, in that case it will be quicker cooled, so, the perforator has big working capacity. However such arrangement of the engine will give some inconvenience to the inexperienced repairman as balance is a little broken.

The perforator with horizontal arrangement of the engine is more convenient in work, however its size, as a rule, is increased because of it, and it can not allow to make hole in hard-to-reach spot. 

The perforator is much more effective than the normal hammer drill, it makes openings 8 times faster, than drill. 

For work with the perforator it is necessary to buy drills, blades, crowns, peaks at once. Without them the perforator, as if drill without drills.

Special lubricant is also necessary for operation of the perforator. Without it the tool very quickly spoils, wears out. In the instruction to the tool it is necessary to read what parts need obligatory lubricant before each its application.

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