How to facilitate ceiling overlapping

How to facilitate ceiling overlapping

At construction of the house on early blueprint stage of object there is question how to facilitate ceiling overlappings to reduce the main load of walls and the base of the house, but at the same time to make everything so that overlappings could maintain considerable loading.


1. There are several ways of reduction of loading and simplification of ceiling overlappings, each of them directly depends on in advance chosen design material. At construction of cottages with use of the construction equipment it is accepted to use concrete slabs which have number of advantages before wooden overlappings. The considerable weight of design is compensated by hollowness of plates which are capable to sustain load from 800 to 1560 kg of square meter that for cottage is admissible and sufficient. Durability to hollow plates is given by the additional armature inserted inside.

2. Use of wooden overlappings demands additional calculation of weight of floorboards, additional loading which on them will be turned. Thickness of similar boards, as a rule, cannot be lower than 40 millimeters. To facilitate this loading in construction apply professional flooring, special technology of laying of floor. It allows to achieve desirable result, does not reduce the bearing possibilities of floor and 1 square meter of the floor made of normal boards weighs nearly 8 kilograms less, than.

3. The professional flooring can be mounted on logs, boards from 50 millimeters thick. In order to avoid corrosion the professional flooring is recommended to be zinced. Mounting happens with an overlap, it gives to design additional rigidity. During the warming and noise isolation between professional flooring and ceiling light polyfoam or mineral wool which also serve as means for achievement of the desirable purpose of load reduction on overlappings is used. As sexual covering it is recommended to apply laminate or linoleum.

4. The set of data of weight and maximum load which overlappings from any given material are capable to sustain is given in the table. She allows to choose and calculate the necessary volume of material on stages of the main design of the house correctly. It is necessary to consider that when mounting beam are put at distance from 0.5 to 1.5 meters.

5. It is obvious that the glued bar is capable to take out the greatest loading, its unique for today shortcoming rather high price in relation to the other, presented at the market materials is considered.

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