How to choose the pumping station

How to choose the pumping station

When choosing the pumping station the performance, power, pressure is considered. It is possible to stop the choice on models with different degree of automatic equipment. Qualitative stations meet standards, are made in the body of stainless steel.

Own water supply system – necessary condition for comfort in country house. If on the site there is well or the well, it is simple to create autonomous water supply system. For this purpose it is necessary to install the high-quality pumping station. Such equipment is presented at the market by large number of models that allows to find option of any configuration and power.

It is possible to make full-fledged water supply system only taking into account the following parameters:

  • water lifting heights;
  • characteristics of the equipment;
  • hydroaccumulator volume;
  • reliability of automatic equipment;
  • way of installation.

Definition and types of pumping stations

All requirements are registered in sanitary standards. The pumping station has to provide water intake from source in the necessary volume, transport it to the place of water consumption and create the necessary pressure. The equipment has to support constant pressure in system that there was opportunity to use at once several cranes.

The simplest scheme is turning on of the equipment in need of water supply. It depends on parameters of the equipment and availability of electricity in the necessary period. The feature is that the pump will turn on at any opening of the crane. Such option is suitable more for giving as at year-round use can lead to fast failure of the equipment.

The scheme when the pump pumps over liquid in the special capacity located in upper part of the house is more popular. Thanks to it there is always certain stock allowing to reduce need of tracking stability of supply of electricity.

This option is suitable for capital houses, cottages. In addition there is opportunity to automate all processes, having installed the float switch. It will operate start and stop of work of the station at achievement in tank of the necessary height of water. Need of the organization of the place for capacity, providing its waterproofing belongs to shortcomings of this option.

The superficial or submersible pump pumping water in the hydroaccumulator is suitable for any types of constructions. This option is deprived of shortcomings previous. Allows to create the required water supply, to provide the necessary pressure with that calculation that household appliances and plumbing normally could work.

The choice of the pumping station depending on reservoir type

If you buy the pump, also the type of reservoir from which liquid will undertake is considered. It is desirable to specify information on how quickly there is water updating. If the fullness of reservoir is less than 1.7 CBM in hour, then in pipes the correct pressure, necessary for water injection will not be created.

Because of it pumping stations with the increased power are chosen. The last indicator has to be less, than in source of set of water, in the return case the expense will be more, than arrival. It can lead to soil suction.

In attention also depth of the place which the station joins is accepted. If this indicator is less than 8 meters, then the normal pumping station will approach. Multistage systems are calculated on superficial installation too. They differ in silent work, the improved technical characteristics.

At big indicators it is worth stopping the choice on the submersible pump. For increase in length of the inhausting highway the pump needs the ejector. Their operation principle is that part of stream is redirected to the highway. It allows to extend it. Such types are necessary if water lifting is carried out from depth to 10 m:

  • from open reservoirs;
  • wells;
  • earth tanks.

Similar options possess performance large-scale, but are additional source of noise. The last appears from behind water current which proceeds through contracting nozzle. Therefore when mounting such systems in owner-occupied dwellings or near them, it is worth thinking of isolation in advance.

The choice on technical characteristics

Pressure and performance – the main characteristics. Depends on these parameters as far as the equipment will be suitable for the solution of the tasks connected with water supply whether the necessary pressure will be provided, whether it will be enough for several open account valves at once. These parameters register in technical data sheet.

Pressure – distance on which the station pumps water at rated flow. The indicator is specified in meters. The pressure shows pressure which can be created. For example, in the passport the pressure of 45 m is specified. It means that during creation of all necessary conditions pressure in 4.5 atmospheres will be created. But actually this indicator is less as in it losses at branching are not considered work, fluid supply on upper floors.

Performance can be determined independently:

  • The quantity of all at the same time open points is counted.
  • The total amount of water in liters passing in points in minute is defined.
  • The received value should be separated into 1000 and to increase by 60.

In technical data sheet this indicator is shown in schedules as the pressure and performance are with each other in nonlinear dependence.

Depends on performance what power the engine has to have. Pay attention: to save electricity, to buy the station with the underestimated power it will not turn out. As a result of such actions from the crane the thin streamlet will flow.

How to choose the pumping station for work for many years?

Above the key parameters influencing the choice are considered. There are also other criteria to which it is worth paying attention.

Material of production of the body

The body can be made of plastic, stainless steel, steel or cast iron. The cheapest option – from plastic. It is the most short-lived. Stations with the body from stainless steel or cast iron are popular. They are hardy, but have the increased cost.


If decide to buy the pumping station, check that it was from stainless steel. Also steel can be used, but only in case additional heat treatment has been provided. The element has to be hardy.

Driving wheel

It is odes strong influence of water pressure. Modern producers use the technical polymers having durability. It is necessary to choose the device with wheel from this material and therefore that it will not be exposed to corrosion. Technical polymers on the properties do not concede to aluminum, but over time can break. Therefore the most reliable option – wheel from stainless steel.


Their quality influences cost. Branded producers use high-quality sealants which can long serve. As sealant the strand of rope from asbestos and copper/brass wire can be used. Such option differs in the increased strength characteristics.

Diameter of branch pipes

Influences degree of pressure not only pipe diameter, but also branch pipes. If it is required to provide good fluid supply, then it is necessary to stop the choice on branch pipes with large diameter. The made narrower models providing the speed and the movement of stream at the sufficient level will be suitable for watering of kitchen garden.

The choice of the pumping station on availability of additional protection

For ensuring high-quality and trouble-free operation it is necessary to choose options with availability of correctly organized security system. For this purpose can be used:

  • relay of protection of dry cold and pressure;
  • filters;
  • back valves.

Dry cold is dangerous only for household pumps. Also high temperature which appears during the work without cooling liquid can reduce operation term. Therefore dry cold – work of system without water or with water of small channel at which there is no cooling of internal elements. The sensor of dry cold allows to define height of water in source, pressure on outlet branch pipe and some other indicators.

The filter will help to protect the accumulator from garbage. It can catch sand, larger elements. Some stations are on sale with such part at once. If necessary, stations of small cleaning in addition are established. They allow to receive the better final product.

Availability of back valve – the mandatory requirement. It does not allow to leave to water the pump. In the absence of element, liquid will partially flow from accumulative tank. What will lead to loss of volume of liquid, more frequent inclusion of the station.

The choice as the pump

Any station has the pump it can be vortex or centrifugal. The first type has small dimensions, consumes a little electricity, is resistant to dry cold. But it is possible to establish it not in all cases. It is connected with the small depth of suction, instability to availability of abrasive particles in water.

Centrifugal types have suction depth to 9 meters, allow availability of small amount of the air which is inhausted together with liquid. The possibility of high-quality work in the presence of abrasive particles in water also belongs to advantages. To shortcomings the sensitivity belongs to dry cold and temperature drops to increase in expense of the electric power.

Thus, when choosing the pumping station, not only technical characteristics are considered. Before purchase define more suitable type of the pump, power, performance, automatic equipment set. Study the rating of producers. If necessary, it is possible to choose systems which at emergencies will provide protection to the engine from overheating. Effective operation and durability of the device depends on right choice of all elements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team