How to choose the sandwich maker

How to choose the sandwich maker

The sandwich maker is one of the best ways to save time in the morning, in only several minutes you can make original breakfast which will provide organism with the majority of elements, important for it. However the problem that in shops huge variety of these devices is provided and the inexperienced buyer can confuse such range. To choose the high-quality and reliable sandwich maker, you can take the following advice.


1. Durability and safety of the device depends on material. If you look for the sandwich maker which will serve to you as long as possible, then it has to be manufactured of stainless steel. However and its price will be slightly higher in comparison with models from plastic. In both cases the device has to possess good heat insulation, your safety depends on it. It is the best of all if the sandwich maker is equipped with additional protection of handles.

2. Then it is possible to pass to the following characteristic is quantity of plates. Depends on it how many sandwiches you will be able to make for once. The standard device is oriented to 1-5 pieces, but the most widespread option is sandwich maker with 4 plates. In case you cannot decide on this characteristic, then it is possible to pay attention to the device with removable plates. Some models can have in set additional sets for wafers and grill, in that case the sandwich maker to become already multi-function printer.

3. After that pay attention to stability. It is provided by the special rubberized legs which can be found on many models.

4. Remember that each sandwich maker is oriented to use of bread of certain form. For example, there are devices working with square, triangular or oval bread.

5. In case you are going to use the sandwich maker as grill or the waffle iron, then the temperature regulator is extremely necessary for you. It will allow you to choose preparation temperature independently.

6. Many models are equipped with special hook by means of which the device can be suspended in vertical position. It will help you to save useful space significantly. But before buying such model, make sure that the sandwich maker and hook are whole.

7. Many models differ in high noise level. Therefore it is desirable to choose devices whose noise level is not lower 70 DB.

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