How to choose tile for the bathroom

How to choose tile for the bathroom

Ceramic tile - one of the most demanded materials for finishing of the bathroom. Producers offer the wide range of these products therefore it is not so simple to choose the most suitable tile today.

The ceramic tile can intend for laying on walls, on floor. Information on assignment of product can be found on packing. The image of palm specifies that the tile is intended for wall decoration, the print of foot demonstrates that the tile is floor. When choosing tile for the bathroom first of all it is necessary to be guided by utilization properties of product.

Main properties of ceramic tile

In the bathroom the increased humidity, therefore one of the most important indicators of products – hygroscopicity level. If the tile has low resilience to moisture, then consequences will be sad, - material will dampen and will lag behind wall, and the esthetic appeal will be gone. Therefore upon purchase pay attention to reverse side: the less time, the less water will be absorbed. Also it is worth remembering that availability of hollows, hillocks and roughnesses demonstrates low quality of product.

One more important indicator – resistance to chemical influence since in the bathroom often use the cleaning agents containing chemical reagents. Therefore examine front layer which has to be rather thick. And the last moment – the drawing. On good tile it saturated, with accurately traced parts and bright color.

Classes of ceramic tile

The wear resistance, abradability belongs to the most important utilization properties of tile. They are classified under special standards to which there conform 5 classes, the products intended for operation in certain conditions enter each of which: - 1 class: the tile intends for use indoors with small passability; - The 2nd class: products are used where the movement is small (rooms, small offices); - The 3rd class: tile for application in rooms with average intensity of the movement; - The 4th class: products can be used in public buildings; - The 5th class: the ceramics is suitable for use in any room. The most expensive tile belongs to the 5th class. However, since the bathroom is considered the room with small passability, quite will be suitable for its finishing product and the 1st class and the 5th. It is worth remembering that the wall tile in comparison with floor has the smaller thickness and wear resistance. For finishing of floor it is the best of all to use the porcelain tile which is differing in the increased resistance to shock influence, pressure, moisture, and being inert in relation to chemicals.

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