How to choose wall-paper for the living room

How to choose wall-paper for the living room

Wall-paper - important component in interior design practically any room, and furthermore sitting room. If you do not want to disappoint yourself and relatives in new wall-paper, then consider many important factors at their choice and correctly combine colors

We choose color and the drawing of wall-paper depending on style

At registration of the room in the Hi-tech style the color palette is chosen in transition from gray, white to black through all shades. For pokleyka it is possible to use vinyl wall coverings. One wall can be accented sheets of red or blue colors. The print of wall-paper can be abstract, with the image of bricks, metal designs. Against the background of other monochrome walls this option will be the most effective. For living rooms of the small sizes it is desirable not to use dark colors.

The modern style demands the choice of neutral colors (dark blue, all transitional colors from beige to brown). For rooms with windows on the North warm colors are desirable, it is more preferable than coloring with cold shades to the southern rooms. For accent it is possible to decorate one wall with 3D wall-paper with illumination or fluorescence.

The Classics style assumes color gamma of the muffled flowers (creamy, ashy, sand, pink, yellow, olive, brown, lavender, blue). It is possible to choose wall-paper under painting or to paste over walls qualitative paper. The drawing on cloth has to be symmetric (monogram, florets, strips), it is possible with gold addition. At monochrome finishing of walls one of them can be accented inserts with print (bricks, bookshelves, the image of columns or fireplace).

The same vinyl wall coverings with the image of brick, concrete surface, rough plaster, wooden boards will be suitable for Loft style. Colors - white, black and brown.

Repair in the Scandinavian style differs in use of monochrome white color on walls and ceiling. Any coverings under painting will be ideal. If in the living room it is going to put white furniture, it is possible to choose the lanes painted in pearl, light-beige, light pink color without drawings.

Choice of flowers and their combination 

Selection of color options has to be carried out taking into account some important factors: sizes of the living room, natural illumination (depends on to what party there are windows), heights of ceilings, the chosen style, own color preferences. And in the markets it is possible to find ready combinations of several types of wall-paper in shops and to choose the most suitable combinations.

When carrying out repair in sitting room it is recommended to take no more than three flowers and one-two different patterns. On the Internet the websites catalogs where it is possible to learn how to combine different color gamma are available. With their help even little the people understanding design will manage to create the unique style, without puzzling at the same time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team