How to choose watermelon seeds

How to choose watermelon seeds

The right choice of seeds of watermelon is, first of all, good choice of grade which will grow in your area. In the southern areas it is not so relevant, and in midland and northern areas it is necessary to show consideration for the choice of seeds.


1. Different grades of watermelons are intended for various climatic zones. In the north, owing to weather conditions, big sugar Astrakhan watermelon will not grow. But it is quite possible to grow up small and sweet early ripening grade. The productivity of any grade in the southern areas will be higher too, than in northern. Therefore do not wait in frigid climate of plantation of water-melon giants.

2. When choosing seeds of watermelon in shop pay attention to the zoned grades intended for your area. They are specially adapted to these weather conditions therefore their productivity will be higher, and there will be enough warm period in order that fruits have turned out sweet. Besides in cold areas the zoned grades, unlike southern, will not freeze.

3. Now about early and late grades. Early grades - more juicy (watery) and less sweet. Only late grades are "sugar". But vegetation term at late and srednepozdny grades - more than 95 days. Therefore in midland late-ripening just will not manage to ripen. It is worth choosing seeds of grades for these areas: "Obry F1" (hybrid), "Moonshine", Karminny. These are thin-skinned watermelons with pink pulp, pleasant delicate taste and of maturing from 65 to 75 day.

4. In the southern areas it is possible to put also late grades: "Astrakhan", "Melitopol", "Roza Yugo-Vostoka". And will be suitable for northern the Ogoniok, "The sugar kid", "Northern lights". The Ogoniok is especially popular in cold areas grade. It with success is grown up also by summer residents of midland. It is early grade with excellent tastes, very thin skin, scarlet "honey" pulp. The fruit sizes very modest – it is no more than 25 cm. But productivity its quite high.

5. It is possible to choose watermelon on market and to collect seeds from it. But not with brought from the southern areas or from the Caucasus if you live in midland. Buy the grade which is grown up in your area. At mature watermelon separate seeds from pulp and properly dry. They need to be stored before landing in paper bags in the warm and dry room.

6. In the south it is possible to squeeze seeds in soil at once. In other areas it is previously necessary to grow up seedling. In frigid climate watermelons can be grown up only in greenhouses. Landing time of seeds in soil – the end of May. Planting of seeds to seedling – the end of April. Planting of seedling to the greenhouse – the end of May. Before landing seeds it is necessary to wet and allow them to turn up. For this purpose for 10 minutes they need to be placed in hot water (40 °C), and then to keep in damp rag, will not arise yet.

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