How to clean carpet

How to clean carpet

The beautiful carpet in the apartment is not only ornament, but also excellent heater for floor. In order that your carpet always remained clean and bright it is necessary to learn to clean it correctly.


1. Besides merits the carpet has one minus - ability to attract and hold dust in pile. That it did not occur, it is regularly necessary to vacuum the carpet the normal vacuum cleaner.

2. During clear-out it is necessary to arrange to carpet deeper cleaning. Today on sale there is set householdof chemistry intended for care for carpet. As a rule, it is powders, gels, shampoos or sprays. For the best result it is necessary to adhere to means application instructions strictly. It is necessary to consider that many washing substances can cause allergies therefore you clean carpet in gloves and do not allow children and pets to go on carpet until remove from it the means remains.

3. For revival of color of carpet it is possible to use national way. Take cabbage brine and wipe with it carpet. After drying vacuum covering - fibers will finish, and your carpet will play fresh paints.

4. In families where there are children, on carpet chewing gum often gets. It is rather simple to remove it from pile. Take ice piece, put on chewing gum, wait until it freezes, and then just scrape off it.

5. Spots on carpet often become problem for the hostess. That it did not occur, try to wipe all liquid which gets on carpet, without waiting so far it will dry up. If the spot after all is put, then it is possible to try to remove it by means of ammonia solution, normal medical alcohol or special carpet stain remover.

6. To return one more option to carpet brightness and freshness - to carry it in dry-cleaner or to cause the cleaning company on the house. Such cleaning is the most effective if on carpet there are a lot of inveterate spots or the carpet has old age.

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