How to clean jacket in house conditions

How to clean jacket in house conditions

Sometimes it is scared to give favourite thing to dry-cleaner. But how to be if it is necessary to clean, for example, coat or to give fresh look to suit, jacket? It can easily be made in house conditions, being guided by our instruction.


1. Spread blanket on floor or table, cover it with towel and put from above jacket. Dissolve solution for cleaning.

2. Part two tablespoons of ammonia solution in one liter of water. Take brush for clothes and moisten it in solution.

3. You drive brush on jacket in the direction of pile until it becomes damp. Then iron jacket the iron through gauze. After that hang up jacket on hanger and carry out by already dry brush on it in the direction against pile.

4. Daily you brush suit dry. Every week you carry out damp cleaning of jacket.

5. Remove dirt on inside of collar, wiping with the cut crude potato. Then wipe this place with damp rag, and then dry.

6. The suit quickly begins to shine on cups and elbows. Wipe the shining places of jacket with the rag, the wetted in pure gasoline, and then brush with ammonia solution solution. After that iron the cleaned places the iron through gauze. Hang up suit on hanger to be aired.

7. It is also possible to purge jacket by means of vinegar solution from three parts and one part of water. Wipe with it the polluted places of jacket. If the luster is not too noticeable, steam it the hot iron through damp cotton rag.

8. Clean the become shiny cups and collar on jacket with the cotton tampon, the wetted in solution of table salt and ammonia solution. Proportions for solution: half teaspoon of table salt on three tablespoons of alcohol. Let's be dried to suit on air to remove smells of alcohol or vinegar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team