How to clean off construction foam

How to clean off construction foam

During repair work on clothes, skin and surrounding objects drops of construction foam can accidentally get. At the same time spots which very difficult give in to removal are formed. Try to clean off construction foam special means.

It is required to you

  • Means for cleaning of construction foam, the purified gasoline, vegetable oil, spray for freezing.


1. Scrape off polyurethane foam from surface sharp object, for example edge of stationery knife. Act carefully accidentally not to spoil material.

2. Use special means for cleaning of construction foam. It can be bought in household or hardware store. Before application check stability of the cleaned surface. For this purpose apply several drops of cleaner on the imperceptible site of subject and wait 5-10 minutes. If during this period nothing has occurred, safely continue the procedure.

3. Stir up the container with cleaner. Then apply means on construction foam, trying not to get on material. Leave for 20-30 minutes. After this time remove the softened foam with tissue or rags. If pollution did not manage to be cleaned off from the first, repeat actions. When finish, wipe the processed surface with clean damp rag.

4. Remove polyurethane foam from hands with tissue. Then apply vegetable oil or greasy cream on spots. Leave for some time and try to wipe. If it is not possible to make it, prepare hot soap solution. Lower hands in liquid and take 10-15 minutes. After accurately clean off foam brush and rinse skin with clear water.

5. Clean off polyurethane foam from clothes as follows. Put the spoiled thing in plastic bag and place in the freezing chamber. Wait 1 hour. Then get clothes and accurately remove construction foam with knife or other sharp object. Moisten cotton pad in the purified gasoline and process trace from spot. Solvent will gradually purify fabric. Propoloskayte also wash clothes in flowing water as usual. If you have no opportunity to put thing in the fridge, use spray for freezing.

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