How to clean the fridge

How to clean the fridge

Modern producers of household appliances offer the huge choice of fridges. Most of them are equipped with automatic system of defrosting, and many hostesses consider that now they can forget about cleaning of the freezing chamber. It is very widespread mistake as it is also necessary to wash such fridges and at least two-three times a year. And how it is correct to clean the fridge?


1. Disconnect the fridge from the power supply network and exempt it from products. Pull out all removable parts — shelves, boxes, egg cups.

2. As a rule, in freezing chambers ice is formed on each side and above. Do not use sharp objects for their removal at all. Thus you can break the fridge. Wait a little better and let's ice thaw. It is also possible to use special means for defrosting which helps to get rid of ice easily.

3. The internal and external surfaces of the fridge need to be wiped with the rag, the wetted in warm water with soap or soda. On sale there are various cleansers especially for fridges. They allow to remove spots without special work, have antibacterial properties, disinfect and are not toxic. Never use for washing of the fridge various abrasive, bleaching substances, acids and powders which can do harm to the device.

4. After washing dry wipe all surface soft rag.

5. Do not forget to clean also the condenser. Dust, gathering on condenser coils, leads to deterioration in cooling. At the same time the fridge will turn on more often and its life cycle will be reduced, and the expense of the electric power will grow many times. At first it is necessary to define where the condenser – behind or from below is located. If it is below, then it is necessary to remove grid and to try to reach vacuum cleaner nozzle all hard-to-reach spots. If the condenser behind - remove the fridge from wall, and carefully vacuum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team