How to collect drawer

How to collect drawer

Drawers are widely used both in life, and in office options of furniture. In difference from shelves, drawers allow to see all the contents at once and save you from need once again to bend to see what lies in the depth of cabinet. The design of wooden drawers is rather simple. In the presence of some experience in treatment of wood to make drawer quite perhaps independently.

It is required to you

  • - woodworking machine;
  • - wooden board;
  • - plywood;
  • - ornamental strip;
  • - glue;
  • - square;
  • - finishing nails;
  • - screws;
  • - accessories.


1. Calculate the box sizes. Pick up suitable accessories. Prepare box parts according to the chosen sizes.

2. Make grooves of the necessary depth and width in side and front box walls by means of woodworking machine.

3. Cut off back wall of box on given sizes, using woodworking machine.

4. Cut folds at faces of sidewalls of box.

5. For assembly of box it is necessary to apply glue on faces of front wall of box and also on front folds of its sidewalls. Connect lobby box wall to its sidewalls by means of finishing nails. Apply glue on the lower edge and faces of back wall of box. Process glue back folds of sidewalls. Establish back wall of box so that it was flush with its sidewalls. Connect back wall to side by means of nails. Check box corners by means of the square - they have to be straight lines. Record back wall of box with its bottom by means of nails.

6. Attach decorative facade. For this purpose drill from reverse side of the front panel of box four openings under screws. Openings it is necessary to arrange near internal corners of box. Fix decorative facade on box wall lobby by means of screws.

7. Establish guides on box so that rollers were located at back wall of box. Fix guides by means of the screws which are included in the package.

8. Establish guides in curbstone/cabinet. Dispose guide in curbstone at right angle to facade. At the same time the roller of guide has to be located in front. Adjust guide and fix it in curbstone by means of screws. Your drawer is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team