How to connect ring

How to connect ring

If you had had need to replace ring on electric stove, you can invite the serviceman of electric equipment. Though it is possible to try to manage by own efforts.


1. Consider that for work with electric devices it is necessary to know at least electrical equipment elements. The wrong connection can lead to emergence of short circuit and even to the fire. Therefore if you are not sure of the forces, use services of experts better.

2. Remove old idle ring. It will be for this purpose necessary to disconnect from it the wires having spring tips and to remember their arrangement. As a rule, wires are marked everyone in the color or numbered that then it was simpler to collect ring. Turn off nut of ground wire and that nut which presses bracket. If the nut has strongly rusted and does not wish to turn away, drip under it drop of lubricating oil or kerosene.

3. Establish new ring. Connect terminals according to numbering or the color scheme. If you completely put ring anew, without removing old, study the instruction of the device or find the scheme of connection of contacts of your model. As a rule, the electroring has three or four exits which connection depends on quantity of the modes of heating. If you find it difficult to define contact arrangement, ring out them by means of tester and define that contact which conducts to two others at once. It serves as positive contact, and to two others negative fasten. If after connection of contacts the ring does not work or the modes of heating do not switch, means it is necessary to change connection order.

4. Fix ring on work table of electric stove by means of bolt and the grounding nut. Check integrity of electrocord and operation of the switch. Remember that the rangette is one of the most dangerous household appliances as because of high temperature of heating the risk of emergence of the fire increases. You perform all works only at the switched-off electric device. You make connection of the device only dry hands.

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