How to connect the intercom with the lock

How to connect the intercom with the lock

Intercoms became necessary attribute of comfort and safety of any multifamily house. They are individual and apartment. Both that and others demand installation and connection.

It is required to you

  • - intercom and Touch Memory;
  • - flat multicore telephone wire;
  • - subscriber device with function of negotiations;
  • - the transformer lowering;
  • - tools for mounting.


1. For use of the intercom each resident is provided with the magnetic Touch Memory identifying key or Proximity-keys which is the device of volatile memory and allowing to enter door without dialing or the code of the apartment.

2. The central block of the intercom is put into the metal body on which face side the call panel is located. Cut in wall of the building or in motionless part of two-leaf door special niche by the body sizes for its mounting. Strengthen the body in niche screws or screws, using special openings in its back part.

3. Execute the main wiring for subscriber devices in the stairwell, using normal flat multicore telephone wire. Subscriber devices are connected to the highway in parallel with respect for polarity.

4. Install in each apartment the subscriber device (tube) with function of negotiations and the button of turning on of the electromagnetic lock. Program subscriber devices, using payments in their body so that the code of each device coincided with number of the apartment.

5. Find in the central block in the body 3 two contact terminal strips and connect the main wiring of subscriber devices to the corresponding terminals screws.

6. Connect the intercom to the power supply network through the lowering transformer. At energizing the display the point will light up, after the end of test counting (20 seconds) the intercom is ready to work.

7. Strengthen from outer side of door the front panel of the body of the intercom screws, then drill out them in order to avoid vandalism in relation to the device.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team