How to connect the petrolgenerator to network

How to connect the petrolgenerator to network

If you do not want your house to have suffered from blackouts, you can connect own reserve petrolgenerator to network of the house. How to make it it is most effective and safe?

It is required to you

  • - AVR or breaker.


1. If you are going to install the gasoline-driven or diesel generator in the house or in any premises, take care of sufficient ventilation. It is the best of all to install the professional aspiration unit.

2. If you want to use the generator as source of back supply, you will need to get in shop of home appliances of AVR – the device for automatic switch-on of reserve. It intends for automatic change-over of tension from the main feeding input on spare, in case of loss of power supply on the first input. In the scheme after the counter of energy install the protection device, then the block of automatic control, and then the generator. The automatic device can be replaced with the normal breaker, it costs cheaper, but then it is necessary to switch energy sources manually. The scheme of connection of AVR at equal consumers:

3. If the power of the petrolgenerator is not enough for provision of energy of all consumers, they will need to be separated into two groups: necessary devices, such as fridge, lighting system have to become consumers of the first category. It are connected to network of uninterruptible power supply which will work also in case of disappearance of energy in the central network. The second category of consumers is connected directly to network and in case of breakage will remain without power supply. Scheme of switching of loading:

4. Use of the throw-over breaker can be rather dangerous as leaves open current carrying parts. If you are not sure of reliability of gap when switching, it is better to establish the following scheme for the breaker: the switch has three provisions, namely: left – connection to network, average – tension is disconnected, right – the generator. Such system will exclude possibility of accidental short-term turning on of the generator along with mains voltage.

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