How to construct bath the hands of bar

How to construct bath the hands of bar

If to know the sequence of works and feature of construction of bath from bar, it is possible to cope with this task independently, without involvement of experts. It is important to choose correctly sawn timber as the durability of construction directly depends on its quality.

The bath can be built from the pro-thinned-out or glued bar. And such building will cost considerably cheaper, than executed from logs, but on comfort will not concede to it.

Rules of the choice of sawn timber for construction of bath

The first that needs to be made at the beginning of construction, it to reject low-quality bar. Sawn timber, suitable for construction of bath, has to be without signs of rotting (blue), is not damaged by insects, the quantity of knots has to be minimum. But the main thing – absence in bar of deep cracks. Sawn timber needs to be processed the grounding structure having property antiseptics. It is important that the bar has been dried well up as the damp tree is surely deformed subsequently that will lead to distortion of overlappings and walls.

Stages of construction of bath from bar

Bath from bar – construction heavyweight therefore the base for it is required thorough and strong. As the basis it is recommended to use either monolithic reinforced concrete tape, or columns, or screw piles. The choice depends on building conditions: level of underground water, frost depth of the soil, soil type. If the soil clay and damp, is recommended to mount screw piles. Such base is capable to resist to rebound forces as support bury below freezing point. For stony, sandy soil, sandy loams, loams if underground waters lie deeply, it is possible to use the melkozaglublenny tape or column bases. Depth of laying of the basis – 35-40 cm. Feature of the base for bath from bar that over soil level it has to tower not less, than on half-meter. It will allow to protect the lower wreaths from influence of dampness. However, also the additional waterproofing is necessary for them. Therefore each support (column, pile) or concrete tape are covered with layer of hot bitumen on which stack roofing material cloths. After hardening of this layer, process of waterproofing is repeated. If sewer draining and water supply system is provided in bath, at stage of construction of the base lay necessary communications. If the brick furnace is built, for it build the basis, independent of the main base. After performance of these works start laying of the lower wreaths. It is one of the most responsible stages in the course of construction of bath from bar. For wreaths it is necessary to take bar with a section of 20/20 cm, walls build from sawn timber with a section of 15/15 cm. It is important that wreaths were equal and had identical length. Therefore before mounting the horizontal position of edges of bar is checked by means of construction level. Laying of wreaths on the base is preceded by mounting of lining rails no more than 1.5 cm high. They have to be placed on all perimeter of tape in two ranks between which distance has to be equal to the section of sawn timber, t.e of 20 cm. Before laying of bar the space between rails is filled with polyurethane foam. Connect wreaths by means of metal pins or wooden dowels. Pins establish in in advance drilled openings. The end joint can is executed by one of the following ways: "simple bowl", "in half of cups", "in fat tail", "in okhryap". Assembly of walls of bath is quite simple. The main thing is to join faces correctly. You should not aspire to that the bar most densely adjoined to each other as it inevitably will occur in the course of construction shrinkage. At stage of wall construction form window and door openings. Complete construction process preparatory work for the semi-annual period of shrinkage of bath: stack boards 4-5 cm thick which cover with roofing material and slate on the top wreaths. After construction winters in such state and will give necessary shrinkage, mount roof, spread the furnace, perform finishing work.

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