How to construct fountain on the seasonal dacha

How to construct fountain on the seasonal dacha

The fountain on the seasonal dacha is one of the most interesting elements of landscape art. The sound and type of the falling water always worked fascinating. Besides, the fountain in hot summer day gives the chance to plunge into cool.

  • - film;
  • - sand;
  • - pump;
  • - filter;
  • - nozzles for stream form.

1. Dig out ditch, stamp it and clean from stones. Sift sand and fill up with it bottom layer of about 5 cm. Lay all ditch film so that the ends came to 50 cm on the coast. It is possible to use also reinforced concrete or to cover edges with clay. Fix film by stones or tile, plant ornamental plants near ditch.

2. Install the pump on ditch bottom. For this purpose prepare concrete or metal support that it did not get littered. The spraying nozzle has to is over water surface. The pump has the special filtering casing which function is to protect the device from possible hit of garbage if it is necessary, then the casing can be opened. For various forms of stream different nozzles, for example, ""lava"", ""geyser"", ""volcano"", ""champagne splashes"", etc. are used. Adjustment of pressure is carried out by the special handle on the pump or nozzle. There are also options with distant control.

3. Mount the filter which is very important element. Water, circulating, begins to grow turbid, blossom and foam over time. It also eliminates this problem, i.e. cleans reservoir about microorganisms. The system of filtration is different, normal consists of the filtering element (cartridge) and the pump. Put the filter or in capacity, especially for it intended, or directly in the pump. Also there is special additive which being dissolved in water, cleans it.

4. For additional decoration of country fountain establish illumination. It is usually mounted on nozzle or on the pump. It can be underwater, surface or floating. When the height of water in fountain decreases, it should be added as at its shortcoming operation of the pump is broken. In winter time the fountain is not used and the equipment is dismantled. Water is surely drained.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team