How to construct mud house

How to construct mud house

The mud house is the eco-friendly building which is not demanding big material investments. Besides, correctly built adobe houses have the increased seismostability and fire resistance, is much more durable than stone buildings. The construction turns out rather light-weight that allows to save on installation of the base. Clean air in the clay adobe building strengthens physical health.

It is required to you

  • - Clay;
  • - straw or sawdust;
  • - boards;
  • - mix for plaster;
  • - mineral wool;
  • - construction material for roof.


1. Before construction of mud house pick up the suitable site. The adobe house has to be located in the dry place on the height. If you are going to make construction in the flooded zones, take care of rather high base. Despite all advantages, clay adobe buildings do not transfer even short-term flooding at all.

2. On the base establish timbering. As timbering use steel or wooden boards. Carefully connect walls reinforced rods. You will expose box with the help of level.

3. For batter make wooden box. For construction of the adobe house it is possible to use not burned clay mixed with straw or with sawdust.

4. Prepare solution at the rate of 1 part of clay, 3 parts of sawdust or straw. Fill ingredients in wooden box, carefully mix, humidify with water, put in timbering by means of shovel if you use sawdust, or pitchfork if you use straw. In timbering carefully ram mix with the help of spade that there is no emptiness left.

5. In process of drying of clay rearrange boards and continue filling. Terms of drying depend on air temperature. In hot weather on it no more than 3-4 days usually are required.

6. After completion of filling remove timbering. Establish grid and plaster walls from two parties. For plaster use 1 part of clay, 3 parts of sand. On 10-liter bucket of mix add 1 kg of lime paste and 200 g of cement potrland-500.

7. If in your region very cold winter, external walls fit thick layer of mineral wool and finish at discretion.

8. For installation of roof on all perimeter of walls fix bar by means of anchors. Make racks. For the adobe house the easy gable roof is the most suitable.

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