How to construct pond

How to construct pond

As it is pleasant to sit in hot summer day at picturesque pond! But what if on your site there is no reservoir? It is possible to make pond with own hands. It is necessary to observe simple instructions only.


1. Before digging out pond, it is necessary to decide on its arrangement. It is important that the reservoir was not under the scorching sun, was in harmony with surrounding landscape and it was well visible from the house. It is good if nearby trees which will give shadow grow. When the optimum place for pond is found, it is necessary to plan its form and the sizes. It becomes by means of rope.

2. Then it is necessary to dig out ditch under pond. You watch that the corner of slope did not exceed 30 °. Otherwise soil will slip over time and will fill up pond. Clean ditch bottom from roots and other objects: stones, garbage. They can damage film. It is possible to make relief bottom, to dig out ditch steps. Then in pond there will be shallow water, average and deep parts. If about depth dostigent meter, in pond it is possible to start fish, she will be able to winter there.

3. After that it is necessary to lay bottom and sides of ditch special film. It is on sale in specialized shops. Joints of film should be stuck together waterproof glue. On coast of pond it is necessary to make blousing of film. The film needs to be fixed, having powdered with the earth from ditch. Then it is necessary to put picturesque stones. They will decorate pond and will record film. The pond can be decorated on the taste: to plant plants, to fill pebble or sand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team