How to construct the car

How to construct the car

Do you need the construction car change house for satisfaction of the current needs of your personnel working at remote object? Recommendations how to construct the car, will allow you to avoid expenses and to independently collect the change house for builders and other employees.


1. Thinking over structure of the change house, develop its project considering the car room space, its parameters, location of windows and entrance, possibility of electrification. Then collect the car change house basis consisting of two runners of qualitative and strong wooden bar. Fasten these runners with logs, without forgetting that on power element the construction created by you will keep subsequently.

2. Then start directly construction of framework, using normal wooden bar as construction material. Construction of the car after installation of framework on the basis provides its subsequent covering. Begin covering outside, using plastic or wooden lining, and then you pass to performance of internal covering. That the car change house was rather warm, be not limited to normal lining, and for interior finish use hardboard – one of the best grades of fiber board.

3. To construct the car change house, wall construction is not enough therefore at the next stage be engaged in creation of floor. For this purpose prepare edging board twenty millimeters wide, cutting it on elements of floor of the necessary size. Beat elements from edging board to logs, leaving between boards distance in ten centimeters. At the next stage lay on boards paper roof covering – special parogidroizolyatsionny material, and cover it with additional layer of thermal insulation, mineral wool fifty millimeters thick for this purpose will approach.

4. After thermal insulation is laid, lay finished floor from normal rabbeted floorboard. Warm car change house walls inexpensive mineral wool over which carry out facing by wooden lining or special wood chipboards. Between external and internal walls of your car change house surely put material for high-quality isolation from moisture, and after that start the last assembly step of the car – installation of single-pitch or gable roof. For change house windows you can not use accessories, and execute door from the framework sheathed by hardboard from bar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team