How to construct zimovnik for bees

Honey – waste product of bees which contains huge amount of vitamins and mineral substances. For winter keeping of bees it is necessary to build the special room which has the name - zimovnik.


1. If you have decided to construct zimovnik for bees own hands, it is necessary to take care that the parcel was rather dry and was on the height. It will help to prevent running off of waters after rains and thawing of snow. The site has to be most protected from cold winds. Establish face part of beehive alee.

2. Now decide on the sizes of future zimovnik, proceeding from the number of bee families which will live in him. Except bees, the body with fodder stocks will be stored in zimovnik. If it is a little beehives, then they can be placed on one row along sidewalls. Internal width can be calculated from the size of beehives and pass between ranks. When keeping bees in 12-frame single-housing beehives width of zimovnik will be 2.3 meters.

3. To build walls of zimovnik for bees, usually use brick. If on your site solid soil, then it is worth applying the croaker or plates. Floors have to be two-layer: at first fill the 20th centimetric layer of the stamped clay, and from above lay the 10th centimetric layer of bank sand. Do not do sexes of zimovnik of wooden materials as during circulation the racks will vibrate, you will disturb with it bees.

4. Make ceiling of plates which should be laid on wood beams. Over them put the 3rd centimetric layer of clay putty, from above – the 5th centimetric layer of the sand mixed with broken glass (that did not gnaw mouse). Further the 7th centimetric layer of glinoorganichesky mix and layer of the earth (dry) which thickness has to be 6 centimeters. As roof use slate or asbestos-cement sheets.

5. From face of zimovnik it is recommended to attach the small platform, it will protect the room from wind and can be used for storage of framework, extensions with empty cells and the body and also other property necessary for each bee-keeper.

6. By means of exhaust and incoming pipes carry out ventilation of zimovnik. 7-8 centimeters of cross-section of pipes are the share of one seven bees. Begin to build the incoming canal from the platform and lay it on sex of zimovnik. Close the ends of pipes the metal gauze, it will help to protect the room from mice. In pipe make latch for supply of fresh air which is very important for activity of bees. Regiments of racks have to have width of 70 centimeters, lower establish at the height of 10-15 centimeters from floor height.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team