How to couch barley

How to couch barley

Now barley is widely used in the food, technical and fodder purposes. Also it is applied in the brewing industry. It is possible to grow up barley independently. Much attention should be paid to seed prorashchivaniye.


1. For a start wash barley grain with cool boiled water. Then wet it for 36 hours in water. Each 7 hours change it. After you have executed soaking, place the moistened grains between two layers of gauze or cotton fabric. It needs to be wetted warm water in advance. Place gauze on the bottom enameled or glasswares.

2. After that close ware cover and remove to the dark place. Temperature in it has to be about 20 degrees. In the course of prorashchivaniye periodically humidify top layer of fabric which covers barley seeds. Air grains of times a day. For this purpose just for 20 minutes open cover and skim fabric. In 3 days, barley sprouts about 3 mm high already have to appear. Prorashchivaniye speed generally depends on grade and also on quality of seed of barley. After process of prorashchivaniye is completed, well wash out barley in cool boiled water 2-3 times. Now it can be eaten.

3. Barley sprouts have to have length no more than 3 mm. At such sprouts there is high concentration of biologically active agents and vitamins. You store germinated seeds of barley in the fridge no more day.

4. If you need to make barley malt, then for a start wet grain for 2 days in glasswares. Change water each 9 hours. Periodically leave grains without water for 2-3 hours. After the end of process you can start their prorashchivaniye. On it about a week will leave. Grain periodically humidify all process of prorashchivaniye and carefully mix. For the 3rd day sprouts have to appear. In week length of sprouts will be 1.5 lengths of barley grain. It is possible to store Svezheproroshchenny malt no more than 3 days. If you need to store its long term, then be engaged in drying. You dry barley about 18 hours at temperature of 45-55 degrees.

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