How to cut glass

How to cut glass

Glass – one of the most practical materials. Invented still in the ancient time, it is used to this day, without losing the popularity. Today glass is considered universal material which is used both in construction, and in finishing of rooms, and in the course of production of ware or furniture. Processing has flown down – rather difficult process, and it is more logical to entrust work with it to the expert.

 But the simplest types of works with glass – for example, it is sharp – are often carried out by nonprofessionals. In principle, it is always possible to learn correctly and to safely cut glass. 

  • The main tool for work with any kinds of glass is the normal glass-cutter. The design of this tool is extremely simple: it consists of the convenient handle holder and the cutting element made of solid alloys. Usually cutting element is executed in the form of wheel. Professional glass-cutters are usually equipped with the cutting element made of technical diamond. It is easy to work with such tool because it allows to cut glass practically without pressing. Besides, by means of cutting diamond it is possible to draw curve lines most of irregular shape on glass, and they turn out accurate and exact.
  • In life most often it is required to cut glass in a straight line. Cutting has flown down in a straight line – quite simple procedure which requires the glass-cutter and convenient ruler (as a last resort, instead of long ruler it is possible to use normal rail). It is necessary to press ruler to glass as it is possible more densely that it was not displaced in the course of cutting. Professionals who should work often with glass paste on ruler strip from thinly rubber. The glass-cutter should be held exactly, and to carry out cut accurately and evenly. For high-quality cutting force of pressing the glass-cutter has to be uniform – it is necessary to draw the glass-cutter on glass the one and only line, and with identical effort, keeping at the same time the glass-cutter under the same corner.
  • That cutting of glass was Bol simple, it is possible to grease glass-cutter wheel with kerosene. For this purpose it is enough to carry out by him on the sponge moistened with kerosene.
  • After you have drawn line on the surface of glass, it is necessary to turn the crack which is cut through in glass into full-fledged break. Using the glass-cutter as percussion instrument, it is necessary to put weak, but uniform blows from the opposite side of glass. On completion of this procedure glass should be put on the table edge and to break one resolute movement in the direction down. Glass has to break on the planned line.      

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team