How to decorate the apartment by forthcoming New year

How to decorate the apartment by forthcoming New year

Very soon New year, and there is no mood? It is easy to correct it! It is only enough to create houses the magic New Year's atmosphere. And to make it very simply and easily by own efforts.

New Year tree – the main decoration of holiday. It is worth beginning creation of New Year's mood with it at home. Put fir-tree in the living room – you will feel approach of New year at once. One more idea: every year to decorate Christmas tree all family. Let it will become your good family tradition which will bring together all family members behind one fine occupation. Toys can be done by the hands – then your fir-tree will be unique!

If you do not want to put fir-tree, it is possible to place fir-tree branches or wreaths in the apartment that is very popular in Europe and America. They can be decorated with cones, cinnamon sticks, fruit or berries, satin ribbons, tape. It is possible to add to them different figures, toys, beads — all that to you will want! It is possible to place branches anywhere: on shelves and tables, over bed and on windowsill, on wall and in beautiful vases. The main thing - to allow the imagination to break loose – and the good decision will surely come to you!

Magic sparks – harbingers of New year. Hang out electric daisies on all apartment, let them decorate not only fir-tree, but also windows, doors, tables, headboard of bed, mirror. Place candles and light them in the evenings – they create the unique fantastic atmosphere. It is possible to buy small small lamps and to decorate with them one of rooms. Do not forget about safety and be accurate when choosing the place for daisies and candles.

Issue houses the New Year's calendar which will show time which has remained till magic holiday. Let it will be not just digits, and separate envelopes or parcels which can be opened every day. Prepare them in advance that your children found interesting tasks and tasty gifts in these boxes every day! You and your child with impatience will consider the days which have remained about New year. This calendar will make holiday anticipation very joyful and cheerful.

Have you cut in the snowflake childhood? It is a high time to remember how it becomes, and again to undertake scissors and paper. All family create unique snowflakes, decorate with them the house and give to the friends!

By New year fill the house with things which are associated with winter. Warm plaids, knitted covers will be ideal for pillows, beautiful socks with New Year's characters, fleecy carpets, beautiful candlesticks. These trifles will help you to create the New Year's atmosphere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team