How to define availability of water

How to define availability of water

The place for the well on the site needs to be selected carefully, paying attention to all trifles. Not each well will be good, it has to be over water-bearing layer. Also think over as technical works will be carried out.


1. Pay attention to sites of your neighbors. If there are several wells, and they have the identical depth and height of water, then most likely, on your site underground too there are underground waters. Most likely, underground there is layer of water-permeable breed, so-called water-bearing layer. Its extent can reach several square kilometers, and it is possible to dig well on this site anywhere.

2. You were not lucky, and you have no neighbors. Or they are, but they have no wells. How to be in that case? Attentively examine the site, suddenly there are external signs of availability of superficial underground waters on your site. Plants with bright leaves while in other places they already fade and turn yellow. Or it is abundant the growing sedge and evening fogs on your kitchen garden. Even midges and mosquitoes can show availability of water underground. Exception – your site on the swamp or the coast of reservoir.

3. Signs of availability of ground waters are well visible during drought. Congestions of ant hills and islands of green, juicy broad-leaved bushes, reed – all this indicates sources of underground waters.

4. Such features of the area as sharp changes in lowland relief, show availability of water-bearing layer too. Well they are reflected by aerial photograph, and from the earth they are hard to distinguish. It is possible to drill the well in such places, only if at floods they are not exposed to flooding.

5. Good, productive wells turn out near the rivers. Even at temporary drying of the river underground waters will not run low. But, if water in such well remains muddy, so because of bad filtration of soil river water gets to it.

6. Perhaps, near the site the spring is located – the well will be water-bearing, arrange it above source.

7. Biolocation. The trained person with twig in hands really can find (or not to find) water on your site.

8. Certain way is prospecting drilling on your site. With absolute guarantee it will show – there is water or not.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team