How to design giving

How to design giving

Independent design of giving has number of advantages before the order of the project at professional performers. First, such approach allows to save means significantly. Secondly, allows to plan space at own will and taking into account individual requirements, to correct the project at any stage.

It is required to you

  • - tracing-paper or paper in section
  • - ruler
  • - pencil
  • - calculator
  • - the list of the planned furniture


1. Take the sheet of paper in section or tracing-paper of A3 format. Apply on it the plan of future country house (number of floors, the basement, penthouse, etc.). Optimum scale – 1:50. In work be guided by the existing construction standards that in the course of construction and the subsequent operation the house was not exposed to deformations and did not constitute danger to inhabitants.

2. Apply door and window openings on the plan of the building. Surely designate the direction in which windows and doors will open – it is important for rational and harmonious planning of internal space. The quantity of window openings needs to be counted so that indoors there was sufficient level of natural lighting.

3. Designate on drawings of the place in which it is going to install the heating equipment, radiators, utilities, sockets. When calculating internal pipelines be guided by the existing standards and calculation procedures that after mounting of system worked effectively.

4. Pay special attention to lighting planning. Apply on the plan of the place in which lamps will be placed. When determining quantity of lighting equipment consider height, width and quantity of window openings. Decorative lighting has to be functional and is harmonious supplement natural light.

5. Start zoning of living space. For a start define purpose of each room. After that decide on quantity by interior subject, their dimensions. It is desirable to make out internal space so that there was enough free space.

6. Decide on type of construction and finishing materials, count their quantity and make the indicative estimate of the project. If the sum exceeds the planned limit, correct the project.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team