How to destroy cane

How to destroy cane

In the territory of our country there are twenty five types of cane. The most known of them are forest and lake. The forest cane grows on meadows, loves coast of reservoirs, swamps and crude forests. The lake cane prefers the rivers and lakes. It extends rapidly and occupies the most extensive territories of reservoirs.


1. If on your seasonal dacha the cane grows, then it means that the land in this area is not developed. First of all it is necessary to drain the territory. Lower water, through the dug-up ditch in stream, or the nearby lowland.

2. If the site is in the lowland, and what is even worse, bowl-shaped ditch, then it is simple to lower water is not present opportunity. Dig out on the site ditches on all perimeter, and fill the center with the soil. Thus, you raise the site. It is possible to create reservoir which will be applied to cultivation of fish. The soil from such reservoir can also become basis for site raising, and will promote drainage of the soil on the site.

3. If your kitchen garden obikhozhen and already serves many years you faithfully, and the cane all the same on it lodges, it means that the earth on the site is oversaturated by moisture. It is possible to close the site thick polyethylene film and to cover with earth so that there was no oxygen access. In several days the cane will die. After that dig out it together with roots and throw out.

4. It is necessary to know that seeds of cane are carried by wind from boundary on nearby to the located territories. Mow cane before it obsemenitsya. Rhizomes of this plant can be put in compost pit where they should decay over time. If any more on adjoining properties the cane does not grow anywhere, then your problem is solved. If somewhere the cane grows at row, then it is possible not to spend on all this time, wind all the same will bring to you new seeds.

5. Good means on destruction of various weeds on kitchen garden is the heap of manure which is located on kitchen garden throughout all summer.

6. There are special means for fight against such uninvited guests on kitchen garden. Spray or water with these means cane, and his death will be full, from roots to tips. It is very important to observe the correct proportions in use of such means. And it is impossible at all that such means has got on other, necessary cultures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team