How to determine the area of the house

How to determine the area of the house

The area of the house – important size both for buyers, and for sellers or lessors. However everyone prefers for himself own way of calculation as there are many types of this indicator: it both house area, and useful area, and inhabited and so forth. Obshchaya Square of the house is the sum of the areas of its inhabited and non-residential premises.


1. Calculation of the area of future house is defined proceeding from needs of future residents, also not less important factor is accounting of the predicted expenses on heating. As a rule, ensuring heat on one square meter of the area of the house requires 50-60 W.

2. The total area of the house represents the sum of the areas of all rooms entering it: inhabited (bedroom, nursery, living room, office and so forth) and uninhabited (auxiliary). The set of non-residential premises includes the fitted cupboards, balconies, verandahs, subsidiary rooms, stair enclosures and so forth. For calculation so-called decreasing coefficients are accepted. For loggia it is 0.5, for balcony – 0.3, verandahs – 1. At the same time total area does not join the space which is occupied by the furnace.

3. Measurements are performed taking into account internal finish coats on floor height, disregarding plinth. The total area of the house is used at design of the house for approximate assessment of its future cost therefore this parameter is important at construction. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to mean that two houses with the same area can differ at the price for various reasons: planning of rooms, materials and types of finishing and so forth.

4. The house area of the house pays off as the area of horizontal section on external contour, including the acting parts (ladders, terraces, etc.). This size is taken into consideration at the initial stage of design of future house and allows to evaluate ratios of dimensions of all site and its part occupied by the house. Besides, at this stage of the project the estimate on future base is put, and this parameter is considered in total with individual geological data of the area in which there is site.

5. The living space of the house is equal to the sum of the areas of those rooms of the house where constantly there are people, i.e. living rooms. This size is used at making decision on the choice of thermal installation for future building.

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