How to distinguish ampelous petunias from semi-ampelous

How to distinguish ampelous petunias from semi-ampelous

Ampelous grades of petunias were created for ornament and dressing of balconies, walls and also decoration of gardens and vacation spots. All of them are loved and demanded by flower growers. But after all there are small distinctive features between them.

Ampelous petunias

The main difference of these grades is that at them even at the very beginning of growth in seedling the escapes have flexibility at growth and quickly hang. Stalks, expanding, ""creep away"" in different directions and completely close walls of pots and cachepot in which grow. But at the same time the center of seedling remains open.

Ampelous petunias are ideal for ""hanging gardens"". They perfectly look in balcony flower boxes, suspended pots and baskets. Thanks to cascade of the hanging-down escapes, their blossoming looks even more effectively when they are located higher than the level of eyes.

The most popular ampelous grades are on sale exclusively by the piece in bags and cost considerable money. Such hybrid grades from series Izi Veyv have height of bush of 15...30 cm and length of the hanging-down escapes to 80...100 cm and more. And grades from the Opera series, form escapes of long 70...80 cm.

Semi-ampelous petunia

Seedling of such petunias looks differently. Escapes at first aspire up, and then begin to bend and be given down, to hang. At the same time walls of container capacity of pot remain open, and the center, on the contrary, is well decorated with the blossoming escapes.

Semi-ampelous petunias look more effective in floor flowerpots, containers and small suspended pots, baskets if are located lower than the level of eyes.

It is possible to carry series hybrids to such petunias Ramblin, Nuvolari. Their exclusive difference is that upright escapes grow in height of 30...35 cm and close the center of pot. It allows to avoid formation of emptiness in cascade that is peculiar to ampelous petunias. Thanks to this property, the plants planted in suspended baskets or boxes are similar to huge plotnotsvetushchy spheres.

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