How to eliminate fault in the washing machine

How to eliminate fault in the washing machine

Modern washing machines are difficult technique for which repair professional knowledge, skills and experience are necessary. It is necessary to remember that independent unqualified repair of the washing machine can lead to its breakdown. However, if for one reason or another you have no opportunity to address to the service center, it is possible to try to eliminate some malfunctions independently.

It is required to you

  • - flat-nose pliers;
  • - wrenches;
  • - cross-shaped screw-driver;
  • - tester;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - "nippers";
  • - small lamp


1. The washing machine does not merge voduprichiny such fault there can be blockage of some parts of the washing machine. Namely - siphon, draining hose or its filter. Fault of the most drain pump is also possible. Turn off the filter of the drain pump which is below on the front panel of the washing machine. It is necessary to turn off the filter very accurately, previously having substituted under it capacity for water drain. Drain water. If the filter is littered - clean it. Take small lamp and light in opening behind the filter. Carefully check the impeller of the pump and, if necessary, take foreign objects. If after removal of the filter it is not possible to drain all water from the washing machine - means there was blockage of the branch pipe connecting the pump to tank of the washing machine. Turn off the screws connecting "snail" to the body of the washing machine by means of the screw-driver. Disconnect the end of branch pipe attached to "snail". Accurately clean branch pipe and attach it back to "snail". Check serviceability of the drain pump. For this purpose connect the machine to the power supply network and choose the program "draining" or "extraction". Light small lamp in opening of the filter and make sure that the impeller of the pump rotates. If rotation does not happen - the pump needs to be replaced.

2. The washing machine does not gain voduprichiny such fault breakage of TENa, inlet valve or the drain pump can serve. Check TEN. For this purpose it is necessary to remove the side panel of the washing machine and to check heating coil by means of tester. In case of fault - TEN is subject to replacement. Check condition of inlet valve. For this purpose it is necessary to block water and to turn off filling hose. If necessary clean grid of inlet valve or replace it. Make sure that the system of draining is not littered. If necessary clean it. Check operability of the pump. If necessary replace it.

3. The washing machine not of otkryvayetsyaprichiny this fault can be breakage of the device of blocking of the hatch or handle of the hatch. Dismantle the top panel of the washing machine. Grope the fixing uvula of blocking of the hatch, take him aside and open hatch door. Disconnect the right part of cup of the hatch, turn off self-tapping screws and take blocking of the hatch. Replace blocking. In case of breakage of the handle of the hatch it is necessary to remove the hatch from loops. Turn off the self-tapping screws fixing two half of plastic rim, and disconnect them. Install the new handle and collect everything upside-down.

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