How to erase down from pillows

How to erase down from pillows

Most often we get down and feather pillows from relatives. But long use of this obligatory and constant bed accessory leads to such unpleasant problem as knocking down and drop of down in lumps, emergence of pollution and appearance of insects lice. Over time such pillow loses the former splendor and elasticity, and at times and gets unpleasant smell.

It is required to you

  • - Laundry soap,
  • - sheet,
  • - pillowcase,
  • - ammonia solution,
  • - bedtick.


1. At down as well as the feather has shortcomings: it begins to get off over time, not so easy to wash such pillow, has high rate of allergenicity. But there are also advantages - it is absolutely natural material, on such magnificent down pillow only sweet dreams will dream. No synthetics will be compared to natural material.

2. There is large number of the special organizations for cleaning of down pillows. It is that down is blown by air, eliminating at the same time the accumulated garbage and dust. Then sew up in new bedtick. But it is impossible to call such cleaning of down qualitative especially as at such method of cleaning the dust pincers remain on the place. In this case better cleaning or washing is required.

3. It is desirable to start washing of down from pillows in flying sunny weather as after washing, drying out in the sun, down will in addition receive protection against ticks. As they do not transfer ultra-violet radiation. Pour in basin, and it is better in bathtub warm water which temperature has to reach 45-50 degrees. Add soap means, it is better if it is polished laundry soap, then you should not breathe chemistry after the pillow dries. In soap solution pour ammonia solution, from calculation half of glass on water bucket.

4. Unstitch pillow and lower down and feather in the prepared solution. You should not erase down also intensively, as well as clothes, it is enough only properly promyat all down and to leave wetted for 2-3 hours. After that it is necessary to wring out down and feather in the small portions and to put in clean pillowcase. Rinse in such look down in warm water and again wring out.

5. Spread out clean sheet on plain surface and lay from above down even thin layer, from above cover with gauze in order that it has not scattered from wind. In the beginning you dry down at the room temperature, without forgetting to mix at the same time periodically. And finally dry already dried up down in the sun, previously having packaged it in pillowcases. Washing and drying is complete, remained only spread out down on bedticks and to sew up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team